The Content Creator’s Lounge is an EXCLUSIVE
Online Membership Resource for Teachers
Ready to Flip their Classroom into the 21st century.


Here’s What Our Members Learn Inside:

Video Editing Training Using iMovie

Stop trying to teach yourself how to create video.

Each tutorial clip inside our community will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use ONLY the tools you need.

(and if you want to learn more Advanced tactics, like green screen effects or title animations, We’ve got you covered too.)

Online Setup & Publishing Your Videos

There’s a huge list of video hosting sites out there.

Not sure where to publish your videos after you’ve gotten created?

No worries, the tutorials inside our membership will break down your options AND give you a personalized framework to help you decide.

Equipment Tutorials and How-To Guides

Our tutorial courses offer a way to choose the best camera and equipment for the end result you want to create.

Including resources for buying light kits on a budget and how to leverage what you already own.

(i.e.- smartphone or webcam).

Content Creator’s Lounge is the ONLY closed teacher resource
that provides online “HOW-TO” VIDEOS
for VODCASTING your classroom lessons with CONFIDENCE.

Here's What Some of Our Users Have Said


“Jon’s passion for helping beginners is readily apparent. He talks about empowering beginners to succeed and that is exactly what this course does. Fantastic and worth 10 times the cost.”

Cody Richards – Data Analyst, Entrepreneur

“Thank you, Content Creator’s Lounge, for sharing your passion, your knowledge in such an easy and engaging style. I look forward to creating some great work due to your courses.
If you’re doing anything with video you need this training!!!”

Mark Diaz – CEO, Diaz Properties Inc.

“I realize cost is subjective, but this course was amazing. Jon built from simple concepts to more depth so that it made sense, but not to bury me in details. Even after the first video, I was applying what I learned.”

Russel Bradshaw – Blogger / Aspiring Video Producer

“Loved the course! I’m ready to go spend a little more time developing video content!!”

Sarah Green – Graphics Artist, Promotional Model

Excited to be a part of this community. Well told and produced first course. I expect more great material from you guys in the near future!

Beatrice Norman – Author, Public Speaker

“If you are a beginner in media creation for your business and don’t know where to start, this is the place to be. Everything is clear as day and never heavy handed material. Worth every penny.”

Irene Sanders – vLogger, Mompreneur

“This is exactly what I needed to get past my fear of content creation and get started making personal videos and quality content for my blog. Didn’t want to waste money on expensive tools to get started if they weren’t needed (they aren’t).”

Katrina Kane- Social Media Expert

“Jon’s teaching methodology comes from his years of experience as a freelance video producer/director/editor of TV commercials, music videos, and corporate videos.
I absolutely recommend this training course to anyone who wants to know how to create stunning productions on a budget.”

Brandon Sentnor – Assistant Editor at MTV

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