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Make Your Videos Achieve More
Than You Thought Possible 

We edit your content and generate creative and
professionally captivating videos for any market.

This service is a game-changer. Simply amazing.

It's like having your own professional video editing team 'on-tap'"

Social Media Consultant

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Cody – Data Analyst, Startup Founder

“This video service has given my company the power to create beautiful testimonials and video promo content with lightning fast turnaround times.

They’ve helped us sell more product than we thought possible!

Fantastic service worth 10 times the cost. You’d be crazy not to join.”

Beatrice – Online Piano Lessons, Course Instructor

“So excited that I discovered this service. You have fundamentally changed the way I create my online video course material for students.”


Irene – Mompreneur

“If you’re trying to create weekly video content for your YouTube channel and don’t want the intricate “headaches” of actually editing, uploading, and optimizing the stuff… this plan is for YOU. 

These guys are the real deal. They’ve made my life as a mother of 4  + video cooking show host ACTUALLY possible.  Totally worth every penny!”

Mark – High School Principal

“Thank you, Content Creator’s Lounge, for sharing your passion and skillful art of video editing with the world.

Our school faculty is now able to create powerful video content for our students thanks to your “education enterprise” plan.

If you are doing anything with video in the education space you MUST sign up for this service!!!”

Sarah – Kindergarden Teacher

“Love the membership! I’m ready to spend a little more time developing video content for my students!!”


 Experience the Power that
Video Editing Can do for You!

Professional Video Editing Service
Monthly Membership


10 Video edits EVERY month


48-hour delivery times

24/7 Account Management team


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“The Content Creator's Lounge Team is awesome.

Their editing methodology comes from years of experience in the field of production, directing and technology training.

I personally recommend this service to anyone ready to scale their video marketing or course creation efforts.”

Assistant Editor at MTV

Create More High-quality Video Content for Your Paying Membership Audience

Check out Our Work, read the entire FAQ page, or send us a message right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions.

Have a look at our common "FAQs" listed below.
If you can’t find what you're looking for; check out the full FAQ page or send us a message here.

 What is included in a membership?

Here’s a few of the video editing techniques that we can handle for you:

  • Cutting out “umms” & “errs” in video interviews
  • Cutting videos in a “YouTube jump-cut” style
  • Color correcting video files
  • Adding watermarks
  • Adding lower thirds
  • Intro/outro bumpers
  • Adding music
  • Converting non-native video file types

You can check out Our Work here.

 How long does it take to have the final edit?

Our porduction team works to have a 48 hour turn-around time.
Sometimes turn-around is faster. Sometimes it's a few hours longer.

Generally speaking, every request/revision follows a 48 hour cycle.

TIP: As you make requests, please keep the total uploaded content in mind.
Our process involves playing back every minute to tailor your video to perfection.

Any unexpected fees?

Absolutely not.

You will never be billed for anything more than our monthly agreement.

  • No “hourly rate”.
  • No “hidden scope of work fees”.
  • No hassle.

No more outsourcing a video editor every 30 days.

What happens after I sign-up?

Only 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Schedule a one-on-one call with the team on a time & day that works best for you.

This is done through our easy to use online calendar.

Step 2: Attend our scheduled call so we can:
  • Introduce you to the platform and how we operate
  • Set up your account 
  • Collect any digital brand assets you want to showcase in your videos
  • Communicate what exactly your
Step 3: You’re all set.
  • Upload your video files with editing notes to our private and SECURE folder
  • We establish a storyboard for all your content and we take care of the rest


Please note: This client on-boarding process takes 1-3 business days on average.

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