Video Is Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

Content Creators Lounge is here to help perpetuate the success of your business
though the eyes of your customers.

Referral Marketing
for the 21st Century
Attention Span Is Marketing Currency
Good Storytelling is
Your Secret Weapon

Our Work

Content Creators Lounge is a video production company based in Atlanta, Georgia.
We focus exclusively on crafting video case studies for brands all across the country to help them win more business.

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Our approach to video production is simple and laser focused.

We artfully blend two of the most powerful methods in marketing:
Referrals and Visual Storytelling.

This approach allows your customer to tell the world how great your brand is
on your behalf.

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Give Your Video Case Studies Some Superpowers

Your Customer's Attention Span...

Let's face it... the attention span of your prospect customer is depleted, exhausted, and they don't want to hear from you until they're ready to buy.

Most companies see this fleeting attention as a disadvantage. Thus, their approach to marketing is to cram as much information about their product or service into CPC ads, display ads, video messages, etc... hoping something will stick.

The Content Creators Lounge approach is different. We use video marketing, (more specifically, "case study" branded videos) to leverage this depleting attention span.

When you flip your marketing approach and focus on the third person perspective (i.e. your client), you are providing prospect customers with a guaranteed journey to success. It's kind of like when your friend tells you about a really good movie they saw recently. You are 99% more inclined to watch the movie because of their pre-approval.

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Spotlight on Your Current Customers

3rd party endorsements work better than forcing your marketing message into someone's awareness.

Your customers will appreciate this approach. With our help, you successfully give them the "red carpet" treatment while highlighting their business on camera.

This special gift of "attention" on your customer has been proven to strengthen the existing client/vendor relationship. When you develop case studies of your clients, you are allowing them to talk about their business and how it functions.

Thus, video case studies become a dual purpose asset; promoting your company through a 3rd party testimonial vignette, and (maybe more importantly) helping to promote your customer's brand.

Professional Storytelling. Done Right.

Everyone loves a good story. When we craft your case study with customer testimonials, we're not just capturing platitudes about how "great" your product is, Content Creators Lounge is piecing together a unified story with depth, struggle, and a proven solution.

This classic "story arc" is older than recorded history. It's the stuff all good Hollywood movies are made of.

The proclivity, interest, and curiosity of hearing a good story is deeply engrained in every human. And when framed properly... it is the most powerful method of marketing your brand can use.

Our novel story arc approach to your case study highlights your brand as the elixir that solves the current challenges in your customer's day-to-day work.


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