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Jon Acosta is a Digital Media Advisor based in Atlanta, GA. His primary focus is helping companies outsmart their competitors with smart online marketing strategy. Acosta has been a digital video consultant and mentor for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Some of his cliental include Apple Inc., Tekla (a Trimble Company), and Elance Inc (now known as "Upwork"). He is also a frequent course author for Pluralsight; an online technology training platform built for corporate teams.
13 12, 2018

How to Consolidate Library Media in FCP X for Case Study Interviews

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How to Consolidate Library Media in FCP X for Case Study Interviews

Your business provides a service or product that is, by customer standards, great and easy to work with.

In this post, we’ll break down how to Consolidate the Library Media for your FCP X business case analysis project so no files go […]

13 07, 2017

How to Upload Your Video Edit Requests to Frame.io

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Uploading Video Edit Requests to Frame.io

Please follow the steps below to upload your video edit request files to your CCL Unlimited Video Editing Account:

1) Log in to our frame.io project in your Browser.


2) Click on the “Folder Options” button in the top right corner and select “New Folder”

how to [...]
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19 04, 2017

Consolidate Media in Final Cut Pro X for Business Case Analysis

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How to Consolidate Final Cut Pro X Media for Business Case Analysis to Remote Editors

If you’re trying to share Final Cut Pro X media on your computer with a remote editing team in the cloud, there’s one CRITICAL process you must perform. Whether it be a business case analysis or any content in general you are trying to […]

13 02, 2017

How to Create QuickTime Screen Capture Recordings for Your Video Course Creation

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Creating Screen Capture Recordings with QuickTime for Mac

Ever wonder how to create a video screen capture tutorials using your Mac’s native app, QuickTime?

I’ve got good news for you: There is NO NEED to purchase fancy software like Camtasia or ScreenFlow.

In this tutorial post, we’ll discuss how you can use QuickTime to create a screencast video recording using Apple […]

16 11, 2016

Advertising Agency- How to Sell Video Services to Clients

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Selling Video Services in Your Digital Marketing Agency

Are you the one who is not being sure about what are the rights questions to be asked in a Video Production Sales Meeting? Well, no issue, we’re here to relieve you from this stress.

Today in this article, I am going to guide you as comprehensively […]

9 11, 2016

How to Make Your Own Music Video (6 Tips with Video Tutorial)

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How to Make Your Own Music Video

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re wondering how to make your own music video.
Good. Because although music is an audio medium, many bands and musicians still seek to add a video component to inject their music with visual emotion.

Most ALL bands and musicians have had success through viral music […]